Blogging of Memoir

Memoir Official Trailer

Woohoo a new trailer! We made a new trailer that reveals a little more sneak peak than our teaser trailer from many moons ago.

Steam integration has been going well and we are 99% done. Almoooooooost ;D

So stay tuned for our announcement for the release date. We will also be shedding some light into our development for the past 1.5 years. Early concepts, builds and more!

Signing out,

Final Stretches of the Development

Hello netizens! We have been silent for a while, but we bear some good news! I bring you… some updates to the development of Memoir.

Memoir beta SS
We have a Steam page… (?) /roll drums

Disclaimer: We do have a Steam page, but it’s not public yet because we are still setting it up.

Short story:
Memoir is going gold.

Long story:
Memoir was finally done just about a month ago, excluding all the bugs and minor polish we need to do after that. This took us quite some time because we had other projects on hand that was paying the bills. The development did not go to the backburner, it just got slower that’s all.

All the puzzle are now implemented in the game and I can’t wait for people to finally play it! We also had to optimize our assets because how some of the assets were created initially, Unity doesn’t like it that way so some of the assets was blurry in the game builds.

After that, it’s was all just about getting the game into Steam and integrating the system with our game. Mind you, the list goes about 20-30 items long. some of the items are like:

  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Multiple images for different use that will be displayed on Steam store
  • making builds

and the list goes on. And that about it concludes my update this time around.

P.S: If you are a game journalist and would like interview or write about our game, please contact us! We got that fresh presskit done, just for you! ;D


First teaser trailer!

It’s been a while and we been busy with Memoir’s end game content. Right now the game has 56 levels implemented with a few more not implemented yet. Aside from that, we’ve been working on some simple (not really) cutscene functions so we can highlight and show important elements of the game to you peeps!

Hopefully we can the kinks worked out soon so we can start polishing and optimizing the game for real! In the meanwhile, here’s a teaser trailer!

See you guys at next post!

Improved visual with story and updates

It’s been a while since our submission to Casual Connect and we didn’t updated what happened. So we didn’t got selected. Unfortunately. However we did got to showcase our game at the Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC).

Memoir at Casual Connect Asia.jpg
Our booth at Casual Connect Asia in the yellowish lighting

Time for some update at the time being! We’ve been working hard to get the main essence of the game to feel closer to how we always wanted the game to feel like. The game started as just a puzzle game, but we’ve always wanted to tell a story with the game. With the recent work we’ve done for the past 2 months, it’s finally becoming something more tangible. Here’s some screenshots from the game in earlier stages!

Entrance: the first area
Center Fountain.PNG
Center Fountain
Garden Entrance.PNG
Garden Entrance

Here’s how the levels look now.

Puzzle level screenshot 4.jpeg
Puzzle level in Entrance area 1
Puzzle level screenshot 3.jpeg
Puzzle level in Entrance area 2
Puzzle level screenshot 2.jpeg
Puzzle level in Library area 1
Puzzle level screenshot 1.jpeg
Puzzle level in Library area 2

At the moment, our team are focusing on fleshing of the rest of the narratives and implement them into the game. Most of the puzzle are pretty much there, they just need to be adjusted, so that the difficulty would smooth out as players progress through the game.

Functions like cutscenes and interaction with environment objects are slowing being implemented, so hopefully we’ll get something soon to let you guys have a sneak peek!

These are the updates for now, so enjoy!

Submitted for Casual Connect Asia!

So we just submitted our entry into Casual Connect Asia that’s gonna happening at May. Crossed fingers that we’ll get shortlisted to showcase at Singapore!
So a little update on what’s new:

Memoir has always been a puzzle game, but it not just what we wanted to do with it. There has been a story we been wanting to tell, and finally we got to implement the feature to tell that!

Starting area
Second area

So what you see in the picture is the first 2 area that you gonna be seeing in the upcoming demo. These areas will be the focus of the narrative. 

Most areas with have a door that you’ll need to solve puzzle to open them.

So wish us luck to get shortlisted!

Showcase at Taipei Game Show

Hey peeeeeeps! Remember I told you guys we are showcasing at Taipei Game Show?

Come and check out our game at booth H03! We’ll be handing out a limited amount of stickers too!


P.S: We are only showcasing for 2 days (B2B only). We’ll try our best to get us into the public showcases next time!

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